Terms and Conditions

1 Conclusion of contract / ordering

With the help of our web portals you will have the possibility to order

our products by phone, internet or fax. As soon as you

filled in and sent the order for the items you have chosen, ordering

will be binding. Telephone orders, as well as those by fax or internet

have the same legal value. By ordering you certify that you

accept the terms and conditions and you want to purchase items from

Your chosen. The will send you a confirmation of your order. The

confirmation of order does not imply the acceptance of the

same. The contract will be binding on receipt of the goods


2 General conditions for delivery and payment

You will get all the information regarding the costs of

packaging, delivery and payment conditions

at their internet portals. For shipments abroad, we reserve

the right to limit payment options.


3 Websites: liability for defects

The layout of our websites is done according to the criteria of the company.

We can not guarantee that our websites meet

all the customer's needs and are available 24 hours on 24,

uninterrupted, secure or error free. The use of websites

responsibility of the customer. We assume no responsibility

regarding the possible effects caused by the use of the website and for the

correctness of the information you obtained from our websites.


4 Protection of intellectual property

The corpus of texts, sounds, images, graphics, animations, video

video, as well as their arrangement on our websites are

protected by copyright. The content of the web pages may not

be copied, disseminated, altered or made accessible to third parties. Some

Our websites contain images that are protected by copyright

third parties. If not otherwise indicated, the trademarks

on our web site are protected by trademark rights. At the

Our websites will not be granted any license to use the

intellectual property by us or third parties.